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How to meet the perfect Companion

Posted in: London

This post addresses what I imagine is the eternal quest for most gents: how to find that perfect lady to spend time with. However, I must caution, I doubt it will serve as a definitive blueprint, more of an insight into what to look for as I believe everyone will have a different level of expectations and will be seeking a different level of experience too.

None of us has so much free time any more and “mistakes” are costly. Yet do bear in  mind without taking a certain degree of calculated risk, nothing will be achieved.

It does not matter whether a gent seeks a Companion for a one-off meeting or as a regular, for purely sexual gratification or for a deeper and closer connection, I imagine there are not many gents who do not look for the “perfect 10″!

Even those who just want a “shag”, surely it is better with a lady who wants the same and is experienced?

Everyone’s definition will be as different as their individual desires. I also imagine many will have a different method of identifying their Companions, so how can I even begin to address this issue?

There is only one way: from my own perspective, so in this post, I shall look at some of the standard methods by which one can choose who to see and look at a few of my preferred procedures too. It does not matter whether one is a new or experienced Punter, I hope this will either give a few pointers or just serve to make you take stock of how you operate.

What do you seek?

The starting point, I believe, for any interaction has to be to ask one’s self “what do I want from this meeting?”.

Is it a particular type of lady, a particular body shape, a particular desire or a particular fantasy? Whatever it is, I believe it is imperative to try to marry your desires to the right lady rather than picking a lady at random and trying to get her to fit into your desires.

Failing to do this the right way round, I believe, must be one of the greatest causes of disappointing meetings. If a lady is not what you want or does not do what you want, whose fault is that? Who chose who?

As much as we all have different tastes, I know mine change from time to time too, as do my turn ons, so I do believe before starting to look, do ask yourself what it is you mostdesire in this meeting?

Do also be realistic. Whilst I have had some amazing meetings, including first ones, it is unfair to expect every meeting to be explosive or for everyone to click with you.

I believe your level of expectations will go some way to determining if you are happy with the outcome or not.


I do not believe you can beat doing your research – thoroughly! Proper preparation and all that.

There is still no guarantee, as ladies with good feedback or reviews may not live up to your expectations or you may just not click. However, there is a greater degree of certainty than by choosing a lady from a photo gallery on a website in a version of “Escort Roulette”!

What do you NOT want?

This may sound like a daft question, but I would hold that knowing what you do not want in an appointment is as important, if not more important, than knowing what you do desire.

In knowing this helps in choosing what you do desire.

Social media

I have to admit I came into the world of social media quite late, primarily to promote the launch of my site.

However, I am amazed at how many ladies are on there and happy to chat. I would imagine though that they will only respond to those who are respectful and a free “wank service” is most definitely not on offer.

Social media is a good way to get to know a lady and a bit about her personality, such as is she engaging or dismissive, chatty or surly, keen to discuss meetings (within reason) etc?

I have got to know some lovely ladies through Twitter who I would never have got to know otherwise.

Equally, there are plenty of ladies who have yet to enter the social media age, so this is, as yet, merely another tool for a gentleman Punter to utilise and not a catch-all.


Once you have made you choice, get in touch. Without this, nothing will happen!

As silly as this seems, but I do firmly believe, from conversations with may ladies on this subject, this is where many guys ruin a potential meet.

What does your initial contact say about you? Do you portray yourself as a respectful gent who a lady would like to meet or is it too crude and off-putting?

Even a bit of misplaced humour can go awry. For example, joking that you are just what a lady needs or you will show her “the best time ever” will probably be a turn-off. Why? Because ladies get this all the time.

Oh, and a cock picture, no matter how flattering and accurate it is, is a definite no-no!

Short or crude texts will certainly not impress.

Calling or texting at inappropriate times will not get a favourable response either.

How do you make contact then? I think it is pretty obvious. Read a lady’s website, see if she says how she prefers contact and at what times and then follow this. Secondly, whether it is by phone, text or email or to an agency receptionist, show some respect and good manners always impress.

You do not need to go into massive detail but just a simple outline of when and where you wish to meet, the type of experience you seek and any questions you may have.


However, do take the time to read a lady’s site first, as if your questions are in a lady’s FAQs, it will hardly make a great impression if you simply have not bothered to read it!

Special requests

If you would like a particular service the lady offers or would like her to wear something in particular or want to have a particular role-play, ask! It is only courteous to give a lady prior notice too. To turn up and expect a lady to have been a mind reader or to change is not going to set the right tone.

There you go! Not an earth-shattering series of revelations but I hope a few useful pointers nevertheless, particularly to the newer Punters around. And do remember: manners, courtesy and due respect will go a long way towards the lady you have chosen being pleased to meet you.

At the end of the day, for the chemistry to be right, so many elements need to fall into place, at times it feels it is almost easier to learn the Periodic Table off by heart. However, in reality, with the right lady, the basics are very simple.

If a lady makes it hard or you over-complicate matters, it should tell you something. The meetings which are a dream to arrange, normally are a dream too. Simple!

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Although I do not use agencies nowadays, I started by only booking through them and I imagine so do many other Punters too. Indeed, I would guess some guys use them exclusively.

In my earlier blog “Agencies reviewed” (, I listed some of those I had had favourable experiences with. However, readers may ask what actually makes a good agency in the first instance? In this post I shall explore this, solely from my point of view.

What I look for

First impressions do count, so I look for a well laid out website which is easy to navigate and looks “professional”. I do hasten to add though, I do not place too much store in an uber-chic design, as it can easily be “window dressing” and does not guarantee a good choice.

I like to see a good range of ladies shown. I do like to see some ladies who are “exclusive” to that agency, rather than those who appear on every website (often under different names – what is that all about? Oh yes, I forgot, Punters are stupid, right?!).

I like the ladies’ nationalities to be clear, as I loathe the “Eastern European” tag, particularly when some are, in reality, from Central Europe! To me this is just “dumbing down” at its worst and insults the intelligence of the average Punter (again!).

I like to see a range of locations on offer and a clear pricing structure. To me it does not matter if different ladies charge different fees, as long as this is clear.

I will only use an agency where the site displays feedback for the ladies, good or bad. If not, one has to ask “what have they got to hide?”

What I do not like to see

I do not like to see a too-regular turnover of ladies, as some seem to appear one week and then have gone the next.

I fully appreciate some ladies are on short visits, but there are some agencies where there is a very high turnover, which makes forward planning impossible and does beggar the question as to why so many do not stay with that particular agency. It also makes it impossible to make regular visits to a particular lady, which is another of my requirements.


A good set of professional photos can make a site, but it can also, in my opinion, kill it! How? Too many photos on agency sites appear to be touched up, manipulated or altered and I say this from experience!

There are some ladies who I have met who do resemble their images yes, but they certainly do not look like the stunning “model” portrayed. Is this a form of dishonesty or do some ladies just change? I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Description and services

I do like to be able to read something about a lady, such as her interests and her background. This only has any value if it is actually genuine! I have met ladies before who do not resemble their profile at all, in some cases not even knowing what is written on their description! Again, one has to ask why this is and why some agencies seem to show such contempt for both the Punter and lady alike?

It is helpful to have an indication of a lady’s likes and dislikes when it comes to services. Although I am pretty easy-going on this front, it does help to avoid any awkwardness when meeting. In particular, I like to know whether a lady will offer French Kissing (DFK) or not, as this is a deal-breaker for me if she does not.

I do not like the services section to be too graphic though, as otherwise it is a bit tasteless and disrespectful to the lady. A balance is what is required.

Telephone manner

I cannot even begin to recall the number of times I have done a fair bit of research, found a suitable lady and then resolved to call the agency, only to be totally put off, and often instantly, by an abrupt, rude or totally indifferent telephonist.

I am not shy about calling, but bear in mind there probably are quite a few gents who will be very nervous of making that first contact. To my mind, it makes it a very odd business model if this part of the transaction cannot be handled without either basic courtesy or discretion.

I also like a telephonist who is someone one can build a rapport with and over time get to know, so recommendations can be asked for. The best agency I have come across in this respect (and in many others too) is Bunnies of London (

General communication

I often have contacted agencies initially by email. The reason for this has been convenience, as I have not been able to call during their hours or because I am planning a booking some time ahead. Therefore, I have preferred to email, sometimes asking for their recommendations on my short list.

It has been to my eternal frustration how few agencies even bother to respond! Without this basic courtesy, one wonders whether my business matters to them or if they even exist! Of course there is no knowing if the email got through ok, but if it is to the email address shown on the site or by clicking their “contact us” link, why should it not have done so?

Booking ahead

I do dislike it when some agencies will not allow a booking more than a day or so in advance, as it really does leave it to chance whether one’s chosen lady will then be free or not. If not, what then? A rushed booking or relying on a recommendation?

Some agencies are very accommodating and I have made appointments 10 – 14 days ahead, occasionally even longer, with some of them. Needless to say which then were the agencies I used more regularly!

Loose lips

Agencies should bear in mind many of us gents do actually like to communicate with the ladies we meet! I have occasionally met ladies who have told me how the agency is not nice to work for, such as they are too commission focused or the lady feels obliged to take every booking or she will not be recommended to clients.

Conversely, a well-run agency that actually looks after the ladies concerns also comes over clearly and I can recall many a time a lady has told me how good the agency has been to her and how concerned they are for their ladies’ welfare.


It has long been the scourge of Punters to book a lady off a site only to find the lady they actually see is someone totally different! Bait and Switch as it is known is such a deplorable practice and one which does no-one any favours!

Even the inaccuracies in profiles I have already outlined are misleading to a Punter and I do have to ask why?

Field reports

Some agencies display links to published Field Reports, both good and bad, on sites such as those on Punternet ( or Captain 69 ( This is a practice I like to see and gives a Punter an easy point of reference.

My experience of agencies was quite mixed, but there are definitely good ones out there. Those I listed in my “Agencies reviewed” blog were good examples, but there were equally others which do not receive any merit in my mind.

I would advise all Punters to do their own research and to contact agencies with an open mind. Do be aware some are not as upfront as they make out and always go with your gut feeling.

I would sincerely like to see some agencies being more honest in their portrayal of the ladies they list, as I detest immensely the way Punters are treated with such contempt by a minority.

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Agencies compared with Houses and Independents

Posted in: London
Agencies compared with Houses and Independents

If you are new to Punting, considering delving or a seasoned campaigner, not only do you face the decision of whom to see, but whether to go via an agency, to visit a “working house” or to see an independent lady.

What are the differences and the issues surrounding each one? In this blog, I shall explore this, based on my experiences.


This is where I started, and I guess many others do too. Indeed, if you find a good, honest and reputable agency, there is no reason why you should not stick to agencies alone.


  • There are numerous agencies and ladies
  • Easy to get hold of, some 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and some even 365 days a year!
  • Can tailor visits to suit own schedule
  • Can book in advance and get recommendations
  • Equally can do short notice bookings
  • Wide variety of beautiful women available, often from many different and exotic countries
  • Every conceivable location on offer in main towns and cities


  • How to know which are the reputable agencies? I shall list a few of my favourites in “Agencies reviewed”, which will appear soon.
  • Girls constantly changing
  • Misrepresentation of girls by some agencies through inaccurate information, to “Bait and Switch” practices
  • Girls do not keep all of the money and pay a commission to the agency
  • Unable to communicate directly with the girls and, therefore, cannot build a rapport before meeting, as well as keeping in touch between meetings.


A “working house” is where a lady or two are available each day, often with different ladies on different days. The house is run by a “maid” who receives the Punters prior to the ladies being available.

If you pardon the pun, this is a good half way house between an agency and an independent.

To give due credit, although it is a rather long journey for me from my side of London, the best “House” I have visited is Passionate Encounters ( There was always a very friendly welcome from the maids, who treated me with great deference and the ladies were all delightful. There were a couple of other good “Houses” I visited in my early days, but an internet search seems to imply they are no longer around.


  • If well run, can offer a safe and comfortable environment for the Punter and Escort alike
  • Often different ladies available on different days
  • Can be more homely and discreet
  • Nice to form a rapport with the staff



There are so many websites and portals available with links for independent ladies. The best and most user-friendly site I have come across is Adultwork ( Much maligned by some, I have found it to be a gold mine of beautiful and classy ladies.

Sure there is also a wealth of poor quality providers, fake profiles and “Bareback Merchants”, but if Punters proceed with caution, integrity and courtesy, it is possible to navigate through the myriad of profiles and discover the true quality experiences that lie in there.


  • Can deal directly with the ladies
  • Can get a gut feeling for what the lady is like before even meeting
  • Much easier to build a rapport and a long term relationship
  • Can ask questions prior to meeting
  • The Escort keeps all of the money


  • Anyone can set up a website – a good website does not ensure someone as being trustworthy
  • No buffer between parties if things turn sour
  • No recourse other than feedback and field reports
  • No guarantee a lady is genuine

It is entirely up to each individual Punter and his preferred approach as to how to see ladies. You may have a preference based on convenience or location, or any of the factors outlined. You may stick with one type, one place, lady or agency. However you may be happy to try a combination of these.

Whatever you do, my advice would always be: do your homework as a little research is never wasted, work out what is best for you and proceed with caution. Above all, treat every lady with courtesy and respect and have fun!

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When meeting for a date, I imagine every gentleman Punter and every elite Escort will go out of their way to look their best. What constitutes “our best” will differ from every person, but I imagine there are some common themes.

Different times of day and location or if it is an incall or outcall will influence what is appropriate or otherwise.


I believe everyone should consider if their attire is appropriate for the meeting. Be it the gentleman or the lady who is visiting, I feel one should ask if they blend in and look discreet. The last thing anyone wants is to draw too much attention from either neighbours or hotel staff.

If necessary, one can always make a quick costume change in the bathroom on arrival.

Dressing for the occasion not only makes one feel good about one’s self but it can also set the mood for the date and raise passions accordingly.

Unrefined elegance

As an example of this, on one occasion, when I was meeting my two closest ladies for a threesome at an hotel in Central London, I arranged to meet the lady who was not hosting us outside, so we could arrive together.

Although this lady always looks immaculate, with a perfect balance achieved between looking classy and sexy, when she walked round the corner, my jaw hit the floor! She was wearing the most beautiful, full-length, figure-hugging green dress: It suited her perfectly and she looked absolutely stunning! I felt so proud and honoured to be walking in with her! She was so elegant, classy and sexy all rolled into one!

Classically classy

On a recent meeting with a lady I have not known long, I was blown away to see this beautiful lady wearing the classic “little black number” and stockings and carrying it off to a “t”!

Whilst we were sitting and chatting, I could not take my eyes off of her and thought she looked so damn sexy. To be honest, she looked so good, I could not wait to undress her, shame though it was, but she elevated my pulse so fast.

Special requests

I do not normally ask a lady to wear anything in particular, as I prefer for her to dress in a manner by which she feels most at ease.

I have a preference for a classic and classy elegance, with a contemporary twist. However, I have a special liking for business suits and for the little black dress.

As for lingerie, I love elegance! I love luxurious lingerie and hold-up stockings. In fact, for those I know well, once I know their tastes, buying lingerie for them is one of my favourite gifts.

Sunday best

I normally dress in smart casual, as it is neutral and does not draw attention to one. However, there have been occasions where I have met ladies for lunch or dinner and dressing up a bit more has added a special edge to the date.

One lady often complimented me on various aspects of my clothing and during one meeting we were looking through some photos. When she saw me wearing a particular shirt, she asked if I would wear it for her at a later date.

I was only to happy to fulfill this request the next time we met for lunch and it seemed to have quite an aphrodisiacal effect on her!


Although I have not done too many role plays, I have done some with one of my friends and I have even bought her a couple of costumes she sought. They certainly had us in hysterics and we still laugh about them today!

There is no doubt, when done well, a uniform can add something to a date. We have had some really hot meetings and laughed our socks of with the role plays.

Fasionista faux pas!

Much as I like to make an effort to look good, things do go wrong!

On a recent first meeting, whilst I was doing my “Superman” change in a toilet cubicle, I realised I had forgotten a change of socks and, as luck would have it, one of mine had a hole in it! Simple solution: a quick visit to Tie Rack and I spared my embarrassment.

If you have read most of my posts, you will remember a story of visiting one of my favourites and jumping on the bed and splitting my trousers from seam-to-seam! Sadly, as good as my sewing skills are, my patch up was not as good as I would have hoped for, as on another date with another friend they went again! Twice was enough, so they were canned!


I imagine there are some guys who make NO effort! Why do I surmise this? From conversations I have had with many ladies and from reading many comments on different forums.

To my mind this is such a shame. It is not much of a compliment to the lady if one cannot be bothered to make ANY effort for her. However, what does it say about us guys and our self-esteem too?

Sadly, such episodes are only down to men aren’t they, as a lady would never do this! Actually, NO! Here I speak purely from first had experience!

From the lady who had not washed her hair for a considerable time, to the lady who answered the door with her hair soaking wet, to the lady with underwear which was soiled with bodily fluids…….and they were not her own! None of these enhanced the meetings and made me feel like I was anything  special. Quite to the contrary!

Unfortunately there are those of both sexes who do not put any stall on looking good. That is their choice, but it does not make it much fun for their companion or at least I do not think so.

Birthday suit

I do really appreciate seeing a lady who is thoughtfully and classily dressed. It not only accentuates her beauty and figure, but it is a real turn-on too.

Indeed, to see a lady looking so stunning, it is ALMOST, I repeat ALMOST a pity to insist on her derobing and making her look all dishevelled! However, I do have to confess, the most beautiful outfit I have ever seen a lady in has to be her “Birthday Suit”!

Sartorial elegance

So much for the ladies, but what about us guys? I am sure many a lady appreciates a gent who has made an effort for her, who has paid her the compliment to turn up looking at his best.

Of course, I am not advocating a dinner jacket or a suit on every occasion! It has to be appropriate to the setting, the time of day and to the person. Indeed, not everyone looks good in a suit! If you do not believe me, next time you are in an office or on the Tube, have a look around you!

As long as you are clean, wearing fresh clothes and cleaned shoes, anything can look good. Even jeans and a tee-shirt can be perfect.

It is true, every lady really does love a “sharp dressed man”, isn’t it?

As we approach the Festive Season, I am sure many of you will agree with me that the wrapping, when thoughtfully and beautifully done, can enhance a gift’s appeal. The same is true of a date. If both parties have made an effort, are appropriately and suitably dressed for the venue and the time of day, the attire one chooses can really set the tone and enhance the whole experience for both parties.

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