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Agencies compared with Houses and Independents

Posted in: London
Agencies compared with Houses and Independents

If you are new to Punting, considering delving or a seasoned campaigner, not only do you face the decision of whom to see, but whether to go via an agency, to visit a “working house” or to see an independent lady.

What are the differences and the issues surrounding each one? In this blog, I shall explore this, based on my experiences.


This is where I started, and I guess many others do too. Indeed, if you find a good, honest and reputable agency, there is no reason why you should not stick to agencies alone.


  • There are numerous agencies and ladies
  • Easy to get hold of, some 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and some even 365 days a year!
  • Can tailor visits to suit own schedule
  • Can book in advance and get recommendations
  • Equally can do short notice bookings
  • Wide variety of beautiful women available, often from many different and exotic countries
  • Every conceivable location on offer in main towns and cities


  • How to know which are the reputable agencies? I shall list a few of my favourites in “Agencies reviewed”, which will appear soon.
  • Girls constantly changing
  • Misrepresentation of girls by some agencies through inaccurate information, to “Bait and Switch” practices
  • Girls do not keep all of the money and pay a commission to the agency
  • Unable to communicate directly with the girls and, therefore, cannot build a rapport before meeting, as well as keeping in touch between meetings.


A “working house” is where a lady or two are available each day, often with different ladies on different days. The house is run by a “maid” who receives the Punters prior to the ladies being available.

If you pardon the pun, this is a good half way house between an agency and an independent.

To give due credit, although it is a rather long journey for me from my side of London, the best “House” I have visited is Passionate Encounters ( There was always a very friendly welcome from the maids, who treated me with great deference and the ladies were all delightful. There were a couple of other good “Houses” I visited in my early days, but an internet search seems to imply they are no longer around.


  • If well run, can offer a safe and comfortable environment for the Punter and Escort alike
  • Often different ladies available on different days
  • Can be more homely and discreet
  • Nice to form a rapport with the staff



There are so many websites and portals available with links for independent ladies. The best and most user-friendly site I have come across is Adultwork ( Much maligned by some, I have found it to be a gold mine of beautiful and classy ladies.

Sure there is also a wealth of poor quality providers, fake profiles and “Bareback Merchants”, but if Punters proceed with caution, integrity and courtesy, it is possible to navigate through the myriad of profiles and discover the true quality experiences that lie in there.


  • Can deal directly with the ladies
  • Can get a gut feeling for what the lady is like before even meeting
  • Much easier to build a rapport and a long term relationship
  • Can ask questions prior to meeting
  • The Escort keeps all of the money


  • Anyone can set up a website – a good website does not ensure someone as being trustworthy
  • No buffer between parties if things turn sour
  • No recourse other than feedback and field reports
  • No guarantee a lady is genuine

It is entirely up to each individual Punter and his preferred approach as to how to see ladies. You may have a preference based on convenience or location, or any of the factors outlined. You may stick with one type, one place, lady or agency. However you may be happy to try a combination of these.

Whatever you do, my advice would always be: do your homework as a little research is never wasted, work out what is best for you and proceed with caution. Above all, treat every lady with courtesy and respect and have fun!

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