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When meeting for a date, I imagine every gentleman Punter and every elite Escort will go out of their way to look their best. What constitutes “our best” will differ from every person, but I imagine there are some common themes.

Different times of day and location or if it is an incall or outcall will influence what is appropriate or otherwise.


I believe everyone should consider if their attire is appropriate for the meeting. Be it the gentleman or the lady who is visiting, I feel one should ask if they blend in and look discreet. The last thing anyone wants is to draw too much attention from either neighbours or hotel staff.

If necessary, one can always make a quick costume change in the bathroom on arrival.

Dressing for the occasion not only makes one feel good about one’s self but it can also set the mood for the date and raise passions accordingly.

Unrefined elegance

As an example of this, on one occasion, when I was meeting my two closest ladies for a threesome at an hotel in Central London, I arranged to meet the lady who was not hosting us outside, so we could arrive together.

Although this lady always looks immaculate, with a perfect balance achieved between looking classy and sexy, when she walked round the corner, my jaw hit the floor! She was wearing the most beautiful, full-length, figure-hugging green dress: It suited her perfectly and she looked absolutely stunning! I felt so proud and honoured to be walking in with her! She was so elegant, classy and sexy all rolled into one!

Classically classy

On a recent meeting with a lady I have not known long, I was blown away to see this beautiful lady wearing the classic “little black number” and stockings and carrying it off to a “t”!

Whilst we were sitting and chatting, I could not take my eyes off of her and thought she looked so damn sexy. To be honest, she looked so good, I could not wait to undress her, shame though it was, but she elevated my pulse so fast.

Special requests

I do not normally ask a lady to wear anything in particular, as I prefer for her to dress in a manner by which she feels most at ease.

I have a preference for a classic and classy elegance, with a contemporary twist. However, I have a special liking for business suits and for the little black dress.

As for lingerie, I love elegance! I love luxurious lingerie and hold-up stockings. In fact, for those I know well, once I know their tastes, buying lingerie for them is one of my favourite gifts.

Sunday best

I normally dress in smart casual, as it is neutral and does not draw attention to one. However, there have been occasions where I have met ladies for lunch or dinner and dressing up a bit more has added a special edge to the date.

One lady often complimented me on various aspects of my clothing and during one meeting we were looking through some photos. When she saw me wearing a particular shirt, she asked if I would wear it for her at a later date.

I was only to happy to fulfill this request the next time we met for lunch and it seemed to have quite an aphrodisiacal effect on her!


Although I have not done too many role plays, I have done some with one of my friends and I have even bought her a couple of costumes she sought. They certainly had us in hysterics and we still laugh about them today!

There is no doubt, when done well, a uniform can add something to a date. We have had some really hot meetings and laughed our socks of with the role plays.

Fasionista faux pas!

Much as I like to make an effort to look good, things do go wrong!

On a recent first meeting, whilst I was doing my “Superman” change in a toilet cubicle, I realised I had forgotten a change of socks and, as luck would have it, one of mine had a hole in it! Simple solution: a quick visit to Tie Rack and I spared my embarrassment.

If you have read most of my posts, you will remember a story of visiting one of my favourites and jumping on the bed and splitting my trousers from seam-to-seam! Sadly, as good as my sewing skills are, my patch up was not as good as I would have hoped for, as on another date with another friend they went again! Twice was enough, so they were canned!


I imagine there are some guys who make NO effort! Why do I surmise this? From conversations I have had with many ladies and from reading many comments on different forums.

To my mind this is such a shame. It is not much of a compliment to the lady if one cannot be bothered to make ANY effort for her. However, what does it say about us guys and our self-esteem too?

Sadly, such episodes are only down to men aren’t they, as a lady would never do this! Actually, NO! Here I speak purely from first had experience!

From the lady who had not washed her hair for a considerable time, to the lady who answered the door with her hair soaking wet, to the lady with underwear which was soiled with bodily fluids…….and they were not her own! None of these enhanced the meetings and made me feel like I was anything  special. Quite to the contrary!

Unfortunately there are those of both sexes who do not put any stall on looking good. That is their choice, but it does not make it much fun for their companion or at least I do not think so.

Birthday suit

I do really appreciate seeing a lady who is thoughtfully and classily dressed. It not only accentuates her beauty and figure, but it is a real turn-on too.

Indeed, to see a lady looking so stunning, it is ALMOST, I repeat ALMOST a pity to insist on her derobing and making her look all dishevelled! However, I do have to confess, the most beautiful outfit I have ever seen a lady in has to be her “Birthday Suit”!

Sartorial elegance

So much for the ladies, but what about us guys? I am sure many a lady appreciates a gent who has made an effort for her, who has paid her the compliment to turn up looking at his best.

Of course, I am not advocating a dinner jacket or a suit on every occasion! It has to be appropriate to the setting, the time of day and to the person. Indeed, not everyone looks good in a suit! If you do not believe me, next time you are in an office or on the Tube, have a look around you!

As long as you are clean, wearing fresh clothes and cleaned shoes, anything can look good. Even jeans and a tee-shirt can be perfect.

It is true, every lady really does love a “sharp dressed man”, isn’t it?

As we approach the Festive Season, I am sure many of you will agree with me that the wrapping, when thoughtfully and beautifully done, can enhance a gift’s appeal. The same is true of a date. If both parties have made an effort, are appropriately and suitably dressed for the venue and the time of day, the attire one chooses can really set the tone and enhance the whole experience for both parties.

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