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How to meet the perfect Companion

Posted in: London

This post addresses what I imagine is the eternal quest for most gents: how to find that perfect lady to spend time with. However, I must caution, I doubt it will serve as a definitive blueprint, more of an insight into what to look for as I believe everyone will have a different level of expectations and will be seeking a different level of experience too.

None of us has so much free time any more and “mistakes” are costly. Yet do bear in  mind without taking a certain degree of calculated risk, nothing will be achieved.

It does not matter whether a gent seeks a Companion for a one-off meeting or as a regular, for purely sexual gratification or for a deeper and closer connection, I imagine there are not many gents who do not look for the “perfect 10″!

Even those who just want a “shag”, surely it is better with a lady who wants the same and is experienced?

Everyone’s definition will be as different as their individual desires. I also imagine many will have a different method of identifying their Companions, so how can I even begin to address this issue?

There is only one way: from my own perspective, so in this post, I shall look at some of the standard methods by which one can choose who to see and look at a few of my preferred procedures too. It does not matter whether one is a new or experienced Punter, I hope this will either give a few pointers or just serve to make you take stock of how you operate.

What do you seek?

The starting point, I believe, for any interaction has to be to ask one’s self “what do I want from this meeting?”.

Is it a particular type of lady, a particular body shape, a particular desire or a particular fantasy? Whatever it is, I believe it is imperative to try to marry your desires to the right lady rather than picking a lady at random and trying to get her to fit into your desires.

Failing to do this the right way round, I believe, must be one of the greatest causes of disappointing meetings. If a lady is not what you want or does not do what you want, whose fault is that? Who chose who?

As much as we all have different tastes, I know mine change from time to time too, as do my turn ons, so I do believe before starting to look, do ask yourself what it is you mostdesire in this meeting?

Do also be realistic. Whilst I have had some amazing meetings, including first ones, it is unfair to expect every meeting to be explosive or for everyone to click with you.

I believe your level of expectations will go some way to determining if you are happy with the outcome or not.


I do not believe you can beat doing your research – thoroughly! Proper preparation and all that.

There is still no guarantee, as ladies with good feedback or reviews may not live up to your expectations or you may just not click. However, there is a greater degree of certainty than by choosing a lady from a photo gallery on a website in a version of “Escort Roulette”!

What do you NOT want?

This may sound like a daft question, but I would hold that knowing what you do not want in an appointment is as important, if not more important, than knowing what you do desire.

In knowing this helps in choosing what you do desire.

Social media

I have to admit I came into the world of social media quite late, primarily to promote the launch of my site.

However, I am amazed at how many ladies are on there and happy to chat. I would imagine though that they will only respond to those who are respectful and a free “wank service” is most definitely not on offer.

Social media is a good way to get to know a lady and a bit about her personality, such as is she engaging or dismissive, chatty or surly, keen to discuss meetings (within reason) etc?

I have got to know some lovely ladies through Twitter who I would never have got to know otherwise.

Equally, there are plenty of ladies who have yet to enter the social media age, so this is, as yet, merely another tool for a gentleman Punter to utilise and not a catch-all.


Once you have made you choice, get in touch. Without this, nothing will happen!

As silly as this seems, but I do firmly believe, from conversations with may ladies on this subject, this is where many guys ruin a potential meet.

What does your initial contact say about you? Do you portray yourself as a respectful gent who a lady would like to meet or is it too crude and off-putting?

Even a bit of misplaced humour can go awry. For example, joking that you are just what a lady needs or you will show her “the best time ever” will probably be a turn-off. Why? Because ladies get this all the time.

Oh, and a cock picture, no matter how flattering and accurate it is, is a definite no-no!

Short or crude texts will certainly not impress.

Calling or texting at inappropriate times will not get a favourable response either.

How do you make contact then? I think it is pretty obvious. Read a lady’s website, see if she says how she prefers contact and at what times and then follow this. Secondly, whether it is by phone, text or email or to an agency receptionist, show some respect and good manners always impress.

You do not need to go into massive detail but just a simple outline of when and where you wish to meet, the type of experience you seek and any questions you may have.


However, do take the time to read a lady’s site first, as if your questions are in a lady’s FAQs, it will hardly make a great impression if you simply have not bothered to read it!

Special requests

If you would like a particular service the lady offers or would like her to wear something in particular or want to have a particular role-play, ask! It is only courteous to give a lady prior notice too. To turn up and expect a lady to have been a mind reader or to change is not going to set the right tone.

There you go! Not an earth-shattering series of revelations but I hope a few useful pointers nevertheless, particularly to the newer Punters around. And do remember: manners, courtesy and due respect will go a long way towards the lady you have chosen being pleased to meet you.

At the end of the day, for the chemistry to be right, so many elements need to fall into place, at times it feels it is almost easier to learn the Periodic Table off by heart. However, in reality, with the right lady, the basics are very simple.

If a lady makes it hard or you over-complicate matters, it should tell you something. The meetings which are a dream to arrange, normally are a dream too. Simple!

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