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Although I do not use agencies nowadays, I started by only booking through them and I imagine so do many other Punters too. Indeed, I would guess some guys use them exclusively.

In my earlier blog “Agencies reviewed” (, I listed some of those I had had favourable experiences with. However, readers may ask what actually makes a good agency in the first instance? In this post I shall explore this, solely from my point of view.

What I look for

First impressions do count, so I look for a well laid out website which is easy to navigate and looks “professional”. I do hasten to add though, I do not place too much store in an uber-chic design, as it can easily be “window dressing” and does not guarantee a good choice.

I like to see a good range of ladies shown. I do like to see some ladies who are “exclusive” to that agency, rather than those who appear on every website (often under different names – what is that all about? Oh yes, I forgot, Punters are stupid, right?!).

I like the ladies’ nationalities to be clear, as I loathe the “Eastern European” tag, particularly when some are, in reality, from Central Europe! To me this is just “dumbing down” at its worst and insults the intelligence of the average Punter (again!).

I like to see a range of locations on offer and a clear pricing structure. To me it does not matter if different ladies charge different fees, as long as this is clear.

I will only use an agency where the site displays feedback for the ladies, good or bad. If not, one has to ask “what have they got to hide?”

What I do not like to see

I do not like to see a too-regular turnover of ladies, as some seem to appear one week and then have gone the next.

I fully appreciate some ladies are on short visits, but there are some agencies where there is a very high turnover, which makes forward planning impossible and does beggar the question as to why so many do not stay with that particular agency. It also makes it impossible to make regular visits to a particular lady, which is another of my requirements.


A good set of professional photos can make a site, but it can also, in my opinion, kill it! How? Too many photos on agency sites appear to be touched up, manipulated or altered and I say this from experience!

There are some ladies who I have met who do resemble their images yes, but they certainly do not look like the stunning “model” portrayed. Is this a form of dishonesty or do some ladies just change? I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Description and services

I do like to be able to read something about a lady, such as her interests and her background. This only has any value if it is actually genuine! I have met ladies before who do not resemble their profile at all, in some cases not even knowing what is written on their description! Again, one has to ask why this is and why some agencies seem to show such contempt for both the Punter and lady alike?

It is helpful to have an indication of a lady’s likes and dislikes when it comes to services. Although I am pretty easy-going on this front, it does help to avoid any awkwardness when meeting. In particular, I like to know whether a lady will offer French Kissing (DFK) or not, as this is a deal-breaker for me if she does not.

I do not like the services section to be too graphic though, as otherwise it is a bit tasteless and disrespectful to the lady. A balance is what is required.

Telephone manner

I cannot even begin to recall the number of times I have done a fair bit of research, found a suitable lady and then resolved to call the agency, only to be totally put off, and often instantly, by an abrupt, rude or totally indifferent telephonist.

I am not shy about calling, but bear in mind there probably are quite a few gents who will be very nervous of making that first contact. To my mind, it makes it a very odd business model if this part of the transaction cannot be handled without either basic courtesy or discretion.

I also like a telephonist who is someone one can build a rapport with and over time get to know, so recommendations can be asked for. The best agency I have come across in this respect (and in many others too) is Bunnies of London (

General communication

I often have contacted agencies initially by email. The reason for this has been convenience, as I have not been able to call during their hours or because I am planning a booking some time ahead. Therefore, I have preferred to email, sometimes asking for their recommendations on my short list.

It has been to my eternal frustration how few agencies even bother to respond! Without this basic courtesy, one wonders whether my business matters to them or if they even exist! Of course there is no knowing if the email got through ok, but if it is to the email address shown on the site or by clicking their “contact us” link, why should it not have done so?

Booking ahead

I do dislike it when some agencies will not allow a booking more than a day or so in advance, as it really does leave it to chance whether one’s chosen lady will then be free or not. If not, what then? A rushed booking or relying on a recommendation?

Some agencies are very accommodating and I have made appointments 10 – 14 days ahead, occasionally even longer, with some of them. Needless to say which then were the agencies I used more regularly!

Loose lips

Agencies should bear in mind many of us gents do actually like to communicate with the ladies we meet! I have occasionally met ladies who have told me how the agency is not nice to work for, such as they are too commission focused or the lady feels obliged to take every booking or she will not be recommended to clients.

Conversely, a well-run agency that actually looks after the ladies concerns also comes over clearly and I can recall many a time a lady has told me how good the agency has been to her and how concerned they are for their ladies’ welfare.


It has long been the scourge of Punters to book a lady off a site only to find the lady they actually see is someone totally different! Bait and Switch as it is known is such a deplorable practice and one which does no-one any favours!

Even the inaccuracies in profiles I have already outlined are misleading to a Punter and I do have to ask why?

Field reports

Some agencies display links to published Field Reports, both good and bad, on sites such as those on Punternet ( or Captain 69 ( This is a practice I like to see and gives a Punter an easy point of reference.

My experience of agencies was quite mixed, but there are definitely good ones out there. Those I listed in my “Agencies reviewed” blog were good examples, but there were equally others which do not receive any merit in my mind.

I would advise all Punters to do their own research and to contact agencies with an open mind. Do be aware some are not as upfront as they make out and always go with your gut feeling.

I would sincerely like to see some agencies being more honest in their portrayal of the ladies they list, as I detest immensely the way Punters are treated with such contempt by a minority.

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