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Special Events

Fever House Party

Dates: July 1, 2019 - July 10, 2019
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fever House Party


International upmarket swingers parties for slim and attractive young couples and single women under 40.


– Friendly parties for slim and good looking young couples and single women
– A strict upper age limit of 40 for both partners
– Selection from photos on a competitive basis
– Vetted partygoers

– Upmarket and upbeat locations in central London also the country and overseas
– Champagne reception and open bar at house parties. Pay bar at club nights.
– Tasteful décor, no pornography

– Exotic mix drawn from London’s cosmopolitan young professionals
– Regularly visited by beautiful partygoers from all over the world

– An intimate sensual ambiance that always works its magic
– Welcoming newcomers and first-timers to every event


Fever holds very select and friendly parties for slim and attractive sexual adventurers that are admired around the world. There is a strict upper age limit of 40 and only real couples and single females can apply. Single men and men with escorts or platonic friends are not eligible.

Entry to Fever is by competitive selection. You cannot join. There is no subscription. A panel of regular partygoers (3 men & 3 women, not always the same people) sifts through the photographs of applicants for each event and awards the available places to those it consider the most attractive. In addition, the selection panel has to keep the average age at every party within certain parameters. This unique competitive process keeps our standards exceptionally high.

We also conduct checks on the bona fides of all applicants.

After every party the organisers decide which newcomers to invite back. Regular partygoers are asked for their feedback to be considered with the team’s own impressions. Those who catch our eye are placed on a priority list for fast-track applications in the future.


Fever’s houseparty venues are of unmatched quality. As we have such a high specification they do not come along as often as we would like. The fact our parties are irregular makes them much anticipated. People move their holidays to come to Fever.

We usually party in the fashionable areas of central London but occasionally venture abroad or into the country if suitable venues are made available.

The champagne reception that opens every houseparty and the extensive open bar (top brand spirits, beers and mixers together with wines and sometimes cocktails) imparts an expansive sense of affluence and fun.

We swathe houseparty venues in tasteful dressings and put a lot of thought into lighting (generally candles), perfuming, detailing and space management. There is nothing distracting, crude or seedy. There is no cheap entertainment, marketing litter or video screens – the ubiquitous anal porn that pumps out in many swingers clubs is anathema. The environment is crafted with care to ease meeting and mixing.

We provide a lot of play space at both houesparties and club nights, which we fill with a high ratio of beds – not mattresses, judo mats or duvets on the floor. We normally have them built specially and our signature is a very big one, anything from 100 to 300 square feet. We have been known to drape them in shimmering silk and scatter cushions or petals.

Leaving home and heading uptown to a plush party venue brings a special thrill of anticipation. Women in particular relish the excitement of upmarket surroundings.


The Fever dress code is: for women cocktail dresses, slinky evening wear, risqué or temptress; and for men casual suits, smart clubber, funky formal, only designer jeans and no trainers. Our people not only look good, they look their best.

London is Europe’s most cosmopolitan city and we party with British couples of all ethnicities and lots of young people from across the world who have come to work in the UK. The result is an exotic international mix of backgrounds and beauty, colours and cultures….with intelligence, attractiveness and lascivious intent in common. One amazed French couple emailed us after their first Fever experience in 2006:

“On top of the fact that the screening process and the age limit brought together young and attractive people as promised, we were delighted to discuss with Fever members from extremely different countries: we successively met people from Russia, South Africa, Italy, Mauritius, Greece, Australia, Sweden… and even England!”.

Jet setting libertines often travel from abroad specially to party with us. Fun seekers have flown from every continent – Australasia, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, North and South America – just to join Fever for a night. Hops from European countries are more common. Although it does not happen at every event we have several times had half a dozen sets of international visitors at a party.

As many as 20 single women have attended a single Fever party and the usual number is between 4 and 8. They are normally bisexual – as are 95% of Fever women – but that is not a requirement. Many adult events desperately offer single women free entry and typically attract none at all. To attend Fever women pay half the couples rate and go through the same selection process as everyone else.

Even more than our party locations, it is our party goers that set Fever apart.


Fever reserves places at every event for newcomers and people who have never swung before. Guests with similar professional backgrounds makes the conversation easier and more interesting and it also helps everyone relax.

Drinks are free at houseparties so there is no bother about finding money in your suspender belt or Calvin Kleins. Our boy-band quality barmen and elegant hostesses are smiley, helpful and much admired – sometimes from interesting angles. Fever is run by swingers for swingers.

At many swingers events, not many people people actually become involved. Sometimes the action takes ages to start with only a handful of couples taking the plunge.

In contrast, the heady ambiance at Fever seduces almost everyone. As partygoers want to connect and play within a few hours there is a fantastically open and friendly vibe. They are all happy to be there, looking great and wanting to attract and be attracted. Knowing everyone you meet shares your licentious purpose and has been vetted, strips away the facades maintained for daily life. With the candlelight, the champagne, the upbeat surroundings and the gorgeous sexy people it creates a magical bubble of security and intimacy. Within that warm embrace reserve melts away and inner sexuality come out to play.

The next week you are walking on air. But nobody knows, because what happens at Fever stays at Fever.


When Fever began in 1998 it was a revolutionary concept. We were the first swingers organisation in the world to select by looks and apply an upper age limit. We were the only swingers parties in Britain to use upmarket venues, real beds instead of mats on the floor and a decent bar instead of lager and wine boxes. Our website was just as ground breaking when it launched in 2000 because it was aimed at intelligent young couples and written grammatically with no pornography. Nobody had provided a swinging environment that appealed to graduate 20-somethings before and single-handedly we created the young swingers market.

We broke media cover seriously in 2003 in Arena magazine. One week we made the cover of 3 sections of the Sunday Times and even the fusty Spectator. Cosmo, Marie Claire, Elle, New Woman and Radio 1 have all beaten a path to our door. (We turn down the many TV requests). The fame we achieved re-introduced group sex and partner-swapping into popular culture and transformed the image of swingers from middle aged, suburban and ‘jaded’ to young, metropolitan and aspirational.

Following our example standards in the British swinging industry rose substantially to the benefit of all sexual adventurers. Another sign of our success is that nowadays there are other promoters aiming events at younger swingers.

Fever remains distinct because our standards and production values are unrivalled and our long established reputation for excellence dating back to 1998 . Over the years we have gathered an enthusiastic team of dedicated volunteers all of whom all have careers and do this for fun. They donate their skills and experience to every party and put together the sumptuous venues, decadent decoration, lavish refreshment and acres of silky play space. To this day Fever is the gold standard against which other swingers parties are measured.